Waste to Fuel

An average human in the West, produces in excess of one ton of household waste per year. It is estimated the cost of disposing of waste will rise above $70 per ton in 2011.

Landfill is rapidly running out of capacity. Incineration is expensive and has sulphur emissions.

MTfM has partnered with Core Biofuels to offer a true waste to energy solution creating bio-ethanol from household waste. It is unique in that it uses a continuous process, does not emit pollutions, does not use any form of incineration but it does produce cost effective bio-fuels.

The fuel already has a buyer, so the Return on Investment is much shorter than any other waste processing technology.

For further details please contact bio-fuels@mtfm.co.uk or call us on 01634 315 562


We are now looking for the following :

Case Studies
Manufacturer of rubber products : Sales analysis, business development and international sourcing..Kent
Manufacturer of Educational toys for schools and colleges: Sales analysis, finding new channels..Oxon