What do we do?

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Strategic direction

What business are you in?

Sounds a simple enough question – but we can help you be clear on what customers are really getting from you. Some examples:-

Accountant : Are you selling "compliance" or "profit builder"?

Wedding Events : Are you selling wedding products or "everlasting memories"?

Construction : Are you selling bricks & mortar, or "dreams, aspirations, ego-trips"?

This will help you focus and prioritise.

We can help you "Do the Right Thing".

Business development

Do you know your 80:20?

80% of profits typically come from just 20% of customers. Every business has opportunities to do more: with existing customers or new ones.

This will help you target the right companies.

We can help you find new opportunities.

Innovative design

What makes you different?

Through confidential market research, we can establish what benefits or solutions your customers are really buying from you.

This will help you target the right companies.

We can help you stand out in a competitive world – both in UK and abroad.

Effective delivery

"70% of marketing budgets are wasted"!

From the above steps, ALL of your marketing will be co-ordinated, and you will get a much better return on your investment in marketing. We will also help you measure this increase in effectiveness – ie. know what is working well.

This will help you target the right customers, with the appropriate offers.

We will help you "Do Things Right".

International markets

The world is your oyster…

If you have a healthy core business in the UK, you may sell in international markets. There are a number of markets we might be able to get you into. For many businesses, we can help you source from international markets For others there may be technology transfer opportunities. We can provide a full service for international business development.

You can develop international expansion with peace of mind!

We can help you prioritise and achieve based on realistic expectations.

Property choices

For investment or lifestyles

We can offer significant investment opportunities in residential or commercial property in India – a country that is showing price increases of over 30 per cent per annum.

We know our developers personally. Finance available.

Pension, retirement, holidays, or investments: something for everyone.

We can help you invest safely.

Business finance

Is finance holding you back?

There are number of solutions we can offer you:

• Project finance

• Debt finance or equity

• Cash flow improvements

• Banking relationships

We can also help you with your Business Plan and present information in a way that makes it easier for funders to evaluate projects.

A properly funded business can achieve significant growth potential.

We can unblock financial bottle-necks.

Corridors of power

It's who you know….

In many countries, we can arrange for you to meet senior decision-makers.

We have associate offices in Switzerland, USA, India, China and Middle East. But our networks of contacts spread far wider than that.


We are now looking for the following :

Case Studies
Manufacturer of rubber products : Sales analysis, business development and international sourcing..Kent
Manufacturer of Educational toys for schools and colleges: Sales analysis, finding new channels..Oxon